What I Wore: Intermittently During the Last Two Months









So I haven’t been taking too many pictures of myself lately…partially because it feels redundant – does everyone really need to see the striped dress and the denim jacket AGAIN even if I wore it with different shoes? Partially because I spend so much time working out and to be honest it takes FOREVER and that’s my blogging time, and because I spend half of every morning wearing spandex and we all know no one wants to see that.  And then part of me just hasn’t been feeling it…I have a row of fancy skirts  hanging in my closet and I pretty much just want to wear jeans and t shirts.  Fancy t shirts and jeans that actually fit me and cute accessories, yes, but still.  Jeans and t shirts.  I think maybe when I first stopped wearing sloppy clothes that were too big for me I went a little far in the other direction? I like to think I’m finding my nice middle ground.  Anyone want to buy fourteen dressy skirts?

Anyway.  I do miss it, so I might try to get back into a bit.  I still have some things I am looking for, although I seem to be spending a lot more money on blush these days than on pants, and that’s not as exciting to take pictures of, but we’ll see.  I can only fit so much in a day, but I feel like there is value in caring about how you look and seeing on camera how things worked out.  And it does make me more creative.  But summer is coming and I’m not wearing pleats and tights to the pool.  So you know.


This is my lesson that all dresses I buy, ever, should be like this – cut in right below the boobs, flare out, end right above the knee.  Perfect flattering dress.

{Loft dress, Kork Ease Wedges}























Dudes, we’ve been having the strangest weather.  Freezing and then boiling.  It’s tons of fun for people like me who only keep half their clothes in their closet at a time. (I transfer out winter clothes/summer clothes to the garage twice a year, getting rid of stuff I hate during the process.)  Whatever.  This is a good formula.  Black dress/boots/leg covering of some kind/big old necklace/jacket. Bam.

{Kohls dress, Ebay necklace, Old Navy jacket, Anne Klein Evanthe boots}




Navy and white always reminds me of Jackie O and therefore will always be my favorite.

{Banana Republic sweater, Forever 21 necklace, Loft cropped denim, Kork Ease Wedges}


Oooh, I liked this. I almost got rid of this shirt because I was worried it makes me look pregnant and it has to be ironed, but I always like it when I wear it. Fancy t shirts are my favorite because you look like you tried but you’re getting away with wearing a tshirt.

Not sure how I feel about these jeans – they’re very ripped up and they have patches behind some of the holes? It’s a little weird. I do wear them and I like them, they’re really comfy, but I think next time I’d buy the dark wash non distressed version. The other hilarious thing is that they’re cropped but they are the perfect for me as regular skinny jeans, so that’s interesting. Am short.

{Anthro T shirt via that crazy store in Berkeley where they send all the Anthro stuff no one buys that I can never remember the name of, Ebay necklace but it shows up all the time on GroopDealz and you should buy it because it’s fantastic, AE High Rise Jeggings, Havaianas}


I liked this outfit in theory but I decided after I wore that the shirt was too small and I donated it.  It was very stretchy and tight.  I am still in search of striped t shirts but they all have boat necks, which irritate me.  Seriously, wtf do you do with your bra straps?!  Also I think the red scarf is too hangy and fringey, I need a red infinity scarf with some sort of interest to it, like gold shazam or something.  But now it’s summer here, pretty much, and if you think I’m wearing a scarf in 97 degrees you are el wrongo.

{Target scarf of fringey doom – I wonder if I could cut off the fringe and sew it into an infinity scarf and paint on a gold stripe? OOOOOH I LIKE IT, Old Navy Trouser Jeans, Franco Sarto wedges, Groopdealz T Shirt of Too Much Spandex}


{Loft tee, Target necklace, Ebay skirt, Target sandals}

Inspired by that pin everyone has seen with the really pretty red maxi skirt/gray tied t shirt. I loooooved this. I’d wear it every day.


Who knew you could tie your t shirt? Well, I did not, but I am a convert.

Also, I wish I could remember what makeup I’m wearing here because I’d wear it every day.

{Target oversized tee which I love and I think is still in the store? I hope so I need a white one, Ebay necklace, Gap skirt}



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  1. Your blush does in fact look great in all these pictures, so I for one would be fine with “What I Wore This Week: Smashbox Edition” or whatever. I am a big fan of blush.
    Also that red skirt and white shirt look amazing. You look like an exotic gypsy. But, you know, not OVERLY like an exotic gypsy. I wouldn’t expect you to offer to tell my fortune, at least not sober.

  2. Love the outfits! You save me the time of going on Pinterest. 🙂
    And amen about boatnecks! I love them in theory, but what do you do with the bra straps?!?

  3. You are gorgeous! I love your style and always enjoy these posts! And I for one would love to see the tees and jeans outfits (to inspire me – that is my go to).

    Also, what makeup do you use? I am always on the hunt for something that is amazing

  4. I always love your fashion posts. In fact, I’m wearing a black Merona cardigan today that I bought at Target after you wore a navy version in one of your posts and told me where to find it. I did not know tying t-shirts was making a comeback…it used to be the thing when I was in high school in the late 80s and I loved it. I do it whenever I get some big shapeless tee for a 5K walk or something and people always look at me funny, but it’s the perfect way to make t-shirts more flattering!

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