What I Wore This Week: Dresses and Things


Ooooh, this dress is the bestest.  You can wear it as a skirt or a dress, and it’s so soft and so comfortable and flowy and isn’t too long because it has one of those jaggedy hems (technical term) and if you just want to throw it on and sit in your backyard and then later throw a tank top on over it and go out to dinner it is PERFECT. I have been looking for a strapless knit dress forever in order to do some really serious around the backyard sitting and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this find.

{Cynthia Rowley convertible dress via Marshalls, Havaianas.  I can’t find this dress online, but at my Marshalls it was on a round with a bunch of maxi skirts.}



This is my Lands End Fit and Flare dress.  I find myself avoiding this dress in my closet because it feels like I have to work to make it not dumpy, and then whenever I see pictures, it’s just SO flattering.  By the way, this is a small, if you can believe that ridiculousness. PS WHY IS MY HAIR SO ORANGE BAH.

{Lands End Fit and Flare dress, Toms Prison Wedges, Gap Outlet necklace, Old Navy Cami}


WTF is up with my hair here? I have no idea. Woah.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite dress I own.  This length/cut/silhouette/waist is the perfect one for me. I just wish I could tell online or even when I look at something hanging on the rack in the store if it matches this formula.  Maybe I could measure the various proportions and carry a tape measure around with me.  That doesn’t sound overly perfectionistic at all I don’t think.

{Lands End Canvas dress, J. Crew necklace, Hive & Honey heels}



This dress is awfully shazam. I really love it, although it does create a steamy undercarriage situation that is not ideal on these balmy 100 degree days. Also, just so you know, this dress is kind of a pain in the neck.  You have to rig some things up with bra clips and tank tops and spanxy type hoo ha.  Worth it though.

{Gap dress, Joe Fresh tank, Ebay necklace)


I had to go to a preschool field trip and it was 102 degrees. I threw this dress on because it’s an old faithful – comfortable and always looks like you tried but not too hard.

{J. Crew dress, Gap tank, Havaianas}


New shoes! Love em.  I purchased these for myself for Mother’s Day and they are the bees knees.  Although VERY tall, be forewarned.  Also, this shirt is new and I really like it.  The elastic waist is a tiny bit futzy and you have to wear something under it, but once you get used to that it’s so pretty!

{Old Navy shirt, Old Navy Cami of Magical Cheapness, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, DV Wedges}

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  1. Strapless dresses – do you need to wear a strapless bra (i.e the most uncomfortable thing on the planet)? Do you go braless for backyard sitting? I need more info before running off to Marshall’s.

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