What I Wore: Back To School

My children finally went back to school! Waa hoo! This meant I was forced to wear clothes instead of just all day pajamas, and by pajamas I obviously mean my husbands mesh basketball shorts and a stretched out Old Navy tank I should have thrown out four years ago. 


Oh look, my hair is orange! I shall file this under New Life Rule Number Two, after “Never Eat At Arby’s”, which is henceforth known as “Never let someone Groupon your hair two days before you fly across the country for a wedding especially if they use the words ‘ombre balayage’ a lot and then laugh hysterically.”

Also, I bought a gold bag, lest you think nothing of note occurred this summer. I had a Great Existential Bag Crisis after the cashier at Trader Joe’s asked me my purse was for my groceries, and immediately after this traumatizing incident I went out and bought the largest goldest tote bag I could find.  Hardly anyone asks me if it’s for groceries. 

Even better, this dress is awesome and you can still buy it. It should be noted that the dress shrinks after you wash it so if it falls onto your body while you’re at Old Navy returning something you accidentally bought after Maggie tells you yes it sort of does look like cult wear and the dress seems a little big at first, it will shrink.  Be forewarned. It is really cute though and I have received loads of compliments on it. Also I get to wear this sweater with it which is great because it’s such a specific sweater and so the few times I do really need it something make me feel infinitely less stupid for having bought it in the first place.  





Amy found this dress at H&M, it’s was $6.95. However, If I’ve learned one thing from watching 44 episodes of The Vampire Diaries in a row besides the fact that vampires wear a lot of foundation, it’s that NATURE MUST HAVE BALANCE. Apparently nature doesn’t mess around since H&M refused to let me return my online order in the store and then it appears it was stolen off my porch when I tried to mail it back.  THANKS NATURE YOU OWE ME FIFTY TWO DOLLARS AND SEVENTY THREE CENTS PLUS TAX.  



After years of cowering in terror when faced with an open cardigan, I seem to have become an unlikely devotee.  Mostly I impulse buy them from Groopdealz, but so far it’s worked out for me. I really love this one, although I suspect it may be unflattering? Too bad, don’t care.  

Also I am wearing an Everlane v neck tee, which I like. It’s not a PERFECT white tee but it’s VERY close.  I wear it with a Natori feathers bra in the color “cafe” and then it’s not see through, which is a miracle on par with some large miracle I can’t think of right now, and so that’s fantastic. Full disclosure, though, that bra makes the ladies look weird under anything under than a t shirt, don’t ask me why, but it gives me pointy boobs in a dress.

Also If you want to buy yourself an Everlane tee and you use my referral link, I would be thrilled and I would get a free t shirt, but if you hate my guts or whatever, obviously don’t do that. 

Also I bought the Anthropologie necklace I am wearing in this picture for the aforementioned wedding and then it didn’t go with my dress, so now I have to wear it all the time in order to make it seems as though a crystally flower necklace is a very useful item which one needs practically every day. I do love this whole outfit an awful lot though. 

Happy Friday! See you next week. Be safe, don’t eat at Arby’s.  

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  1. Oh I’ve missed these.

  2. I disagree, I like Arby’s curly fries dipped in Arby sauce.

  3. My purse is often mistaken for a diaper bag. To be fair, it is a diaper bag, but I thought I was more stealth. I may be ready to move on soon. I like open cardigans too! I don’t currently have one but I am supportive of your collection.

  4. I think that cardigan looks extremely cute on you. Totally flattering. Really.

  5. Love the striped dress in the first picture! The link goes to the bras at Nordstrom, so now I’m extra curious about where you found it.

  6. I love these looks. And I totally think the cardigan is flattering, for real. Also, who asks about whether a PURSE is for groceries? Silly cashier.

  7. I’m so glad these posts are back. I love that cardigan. I’ve never ordered clothes from Groop Dealz, but they do have some cute stuff. You may have sold me.

  8. God I am so happy the kids are back in school! I heard one mom comment that instead of a “parent coffee” the first morning of school we should have had a champagne breakfast to celebrate our kids being out of our hair!

  9. These are favorite posts in all the land. Truly.

    I still am scared of the open cardigan. Yours looks amazing on you and lord knows I love me some Groopdealz, so maybe I should take the plunge already.

  10. So glad these posts are back! I love me a striped open cardigan, and yours is awesome

  11. I missed you!! 🙂

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